Andrew Lloyd Webber, Don Black
Premiere - připravujeme
Divadlo „12“
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TELL ME ON A SUNDAY - Premiere - připravujeme

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Don Black

Premiere (připravujeme) - Divadlo „12“

Líp se loučí v neděli

Stage director Juraj Čiernik
After the successful productions of Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita, the intensive collaboration between the composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and the librettist Tim Rice has been falling apart. For this reason, Lloyd Webber began to focus on a number of chamber projects. Tell Me on a Sunday, a musical for one actress, was the most significant one. It is about a story of a young Englishwoman who suddenly appears in America, and where she experiences a number of relationships. In the Czech Republic, Tell Me on a Sunday was staged under the title Líp se loučí v neděli only once in 2001, it was translated by Pavel Vrba (+2011) and performed at the Ungelt Theatre with Marta Kubišová.
World premiere was held in 1982 in London, and since the musical lasted only an hour, it was staged along with another composer’s work from 1979, which was a vinyl album called Variations by composer’s brother Julian. It was the theme of Paganini but for cello. On the stage, the music was accompanied by a ballet.
As the librettist of Tell Me on a Sunday, Andrew Lloyd Webber chose an experienced librettist Donn Black, with whom he worked on the famous Sunset Boulevard ten years later. An hour-long recital about the young Englishwomen finding her own way was originally written for Maria Webb. In the new millennium, in 2003, Tell Me on a Sunday was staged in London again. This time, it was an adjusted, stand-alone version. And this is the version for which we obtained the licence to perform next season at the Theatre “12” with Hana Fialová. New texts and adjustment of the Czech libretto will be provided by the prominent translator of Lloyd Webber’s musicals Michael Prostějovský. It is the opportunity for Hana Fialová to introduce a very intimate story to the Ostrava audience. 
Premiere on 11 June 2021 at the Theatre “12”
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