NODO 2020
New Opera Days Ostrava / Dny nové opery Ostrava
 26. – 30. June 2020
Ostrava Becomes the Center for Contemporary Opera Again – 5th Biennial NODO Festival Coming Up!
Ostrava, February 24, 2020 – For the fifth time already, the last days of June in Ostrava will be dedicated to new opera and progressive forms of music theatre, showcasing Czech and world premieres of works with the power to move us deeply.
Production teams from Europe, the USA and Japan, as well as the international orchestra Ostravská banda, will converge on the Moravian-Silesian metropolis. This year, they will rehearse and perform seven unique chamber opera productions over the course of two weeks. Four different venues in the center of Ostrava will hold these events: Antonín Dvořák Theatre for opera performances, Jiří Myron Theatre for musical theatre performances, the post-industrial Brick House of the Hlubina Coal Mine and the abandoned G Pavilion at the Černá louka Exhibition Grounds. The fifth biennial NODO/ New Opera Days Ostrava will be held from Friday, June 26th to Tuesday, June 30th. ►READ MORE
Friday 26. & Saturday 27. June 2020
18.30, pavilon G (Černá louka)
Salvatore Sciarrino (1947)
One-act opera for 3 soloists, orchestra and choir, 2010

Music and libretto: Salvatore Sciarrino
Conductor: Lilianna Krych
Director: Pia Partum
Stage / Light / Costume design: Magdalena Maciejewska
Choreography: Agnieszka Dmochowska
Video: Ola Ołdak

Anna Radziejewska, mezzosoprano (Woman)
Jan Jakub Monowid, countertenor (Young Man / Distant Voice)
Sebastian Szumski, baritone (Passer-by / Policeman)
Ostravská banda
Canticum Ostrava, Jurij Galatenko (choirmaster)

Czech premiere, 90’
In Italian language with Czech and English subtitles

Monday 29. June 2020
18.30, Antonín Dvořák Theatre
Marek Keprt (1974)
Gustative-olfactory chamber (non)opera, 2019–20

Music and libretto: Marek Keprt
Conductor: Petr Kotík
Director: Petr Odo Macháček

Damian Ensemble
Ostravská banda

World premiere, 45’
In Czech with Czech and English subtitles

Saturday 28. June 2020
18.30, Brick House (Hlubina Coal Mine)
Michal Rataj (1975) & Katharina Schmitt (1979)
Aphasia Studies
Music theatre, 2019–20

Music: Michal Rataj
Librettist and director: Katharina Schmitt
Dramaturgy: Viktorie Knotková
Stage design: Pavel Svoboda
Light design: Zuzana Režná
Costumes: Patricia Talacko
Sound: Matěj Šenkyřík

Katalin Károlyi, mezzosoprano
Ivana Uhlířová, actress
Andrej Gál, violoncello
Tiburtina Ensemble

World premiere, 45’
Monday 29. June 2020
20.30, Antonín Dvořák Theatre
Ana Sokolović (1968)
One-act opera for 6 female voices, 2011

Music: Ana Sokolović
Libretto: Ana Sokolović (based on Serbian folk poetry)
Conductor: Jurij Galatenko
Director: Jiří Nekvasil
Stage design: David Bazika
Costumes: Marta Roszkopfová

Markéta Schaffartzik, soprano (Milica)
Patrícila Smol’aková, soprano (Danica)
Eva Marie Kořená, soprano (Lena)
Ivana Ambrúsová, soprano / mezzosoprano (Zora)
Lucie Hubená, mezzosoprano (Nada)
Tetiana Hryha, mezzosoprano (Ljubica)

Czech premiere, 55’
In Serbian with Czech and English subtitles
Saturday 28. June 2020
20.30, Brick House (Hlubina Coal Mine)
Miya Masaoka (1958)
The Long Arc of Time
Chamber Noh opera, 2020

Music: Miya Masaoka
Libretto: Tracie Morris
Directors: Sean Griffin, Miya Masaoka

Lydia Mahnkopf, soprano
Martin Opršál, percussion
Kazuma Yamanaka, Noh actor and Intangible Cultural Treasure of Japan
Jinya Imai, Japanese shoulder drum of Noh and Kabuki
Makiko Sakurai, Shomyo singer

World premiere, 60’
Tuesday 30. June 2020
18.30, Jiří Myron Theatre
Moor Mother
Queen Elizabeth
Music-theatrical performance, 2020

Music: Camae Ayewa (Moor Mother)

Moor Mother, voice
Elon Battle, voice
Ada Adhiyatma, electronics

World premiere, 45‘
Change of programme is reserved.
Organized by the Ostrava Center for New Music and the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre.
Advance sale of tickets and discounted season tickets from 1. 4. 2020.
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Tuesday 30. June 2020
20.30, Jiří Myron Theatre
Richard Ayres (1965)
No. 50 (The Garden)
Composition for bass voice, ensemble and soundtrack, 2017–2018

Music: Richard Ayres
Libretto: Richard Ayres (incorporating words by Dante, Leopardi, Shakespeare, Poe, Rossetti and others)
Conductor: Bruno Ferrandis
Director: Jiří Nekvasil
Stage design: David Bazika

Mark Stone, bass
Ostravská banda

Czech premiere, 60’
In English with Czech subtitles