Recording studio

The studio serves to orchestra rehearsals and for music recordings according to requirements of all artistic companies of the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre. It has been built in a new part of the building of the Antonín Dvořák Theatre as a “room in room” with excellent acoustical qualities, which were designed by Mr Kačmařík and realised by the SADO company. The studio is completely separated from the other running of the Theatre. Its size and acoustics enable recording of an orchestra of even 80 members. It is equipped with effective and noiseless air-conditioning, which allows working in the studio for a long period of time. Performers may refresh themselves in a snack bar, situated approximately 20 metres from the studio.

We offer:

  • production of music recordings for CD release, scenic music for theatres, basements for playbacks, film and television music (asynchronous and synchronous)
  • production of other recordings – advertisements, electronic compositions, demos for music groups etc.

The well coordinated opera orchestra may participate to meet all demands of clients, its main soloist, conductors, as well as musicians and soloists from other companies are available. It is also possible to engage members and soloists of the opera company, and, as regards verbal communication, members of the drama company may also be engaged. Cooperation with reputable music directors from the Czech Broadcasting Ostrava is also possible.

The output media may be made, according to the wishes of clients, in all common formats: WAV, CD, MD, DAT, but also MP3 and MC. The recording may be sent via Internet if required.

Josef Pácha Otakar Mlčoch
Sound master Technical Chief
M: +420 733 368 997 M: +420 734 558 153
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