New facade of the Jiří Myron Theatre

    photo by Roman Mrázek

Ticket sale and subscription sale is situated in the passage of the National House.

    photo by Roman Mrázek 

National House Café

    photo by Roman Mrázek

Jiří Myron Theatre has a new facade!

Come and see our renovated premises! We cordially invite you to the Theatre "12", to the new bar "Ve Dvanáctce" on Čs. legií Street, to the Theatre Education Atelier situated at the corner of Milíčova Street and Čs. legií Street, and to the Ceremonial Hall situated on the 1st floor at the Jiří Myron Theatre.
      photo by Roman Mrázek

Opening of the Ceremonial Hall at the Jiří Myron Theatre

Restored ceremonial hall situated on the 1st floor of the reconstructed Jiří Myron Theatre was named after Edmund Palkovský during the 100th season. The hall was opened on October 28, 2018, the anniversary of the Czechoslovak Independence Day. The hall is used for concerts, exhibitions or social events. Photos show the hall during and after the reconstruction.
    photo by Ondřej Kulpa, Roman Mrázek

ATELIER – centre for theatre education and creative meetings opened

In 2018, new Theatre Education Atelier – centre for theatre education and creative meetings – was opened to visitors of the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre. Emphasizing drama art, the function of this space is to seek and create new ways of how to perceive and understand art. Lectures, workshops, inspiring chamber performances, discussions with artists, drama studio or the possibility to see the theatre behind the scenes - these are just some of all the activities that the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre in cooperation with the Atelier organizes for several years. The new space (situated at the corner of Milíčova and Čs. legií Streets) offers better possibilities so we can work more efficiently and go into deep when artists meet the audience to discuss current stagings and their closely related topics. Let’s go and discover all these possibilities. And it does not matter how old you are because spectrum of activities offered by the Atelier is wide and available for children and their parents, educators, students, general public, and the oldest. 

We would like to create a friendly place similar to an imaginary incubator providing conditions good for cultural growth in us and around us.
    photo by Martin Kusyn

Theatre “12”

In the premises of the Jiří Myron Theatre at Čs. legií 12, a new chamber scene called the Theatre "12" that accommodates 60 spectators was opened. The theatre performs not only new productions, but also productions that has been staged earlier at the rehearsal studio of the Antonín Dvořák Theatre. This new stage is used by all four ensembles of the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre. 
    photo by Martin Popelář

Bar Ve Dvanáctce 

Bar called Ve Dvanáctce is situated next to the entrance to the Theatre "12".  It is meant primarily for the audience of the Theatre “12”, who can sit here before and after the chamber performances that the theatre performs. The bar also serves as a place for reading rehearsals of the drama ensemble.
    photo by Martin Kusyn, Roman Mrázek

National House Café

The National House Café was opened at the end of 2018. It is meant not only for the audience during performances running at the Jiří Myron Theatre, but for everybody at any time the café is opened.
     photo by Roman Mrázek

Reconstruction of the Jiří Myron Theatre Premises

Reconstructed premises of the Jiří Myron Theatre gave birth to a new, modern, and spacious rehearsal room used by the operetta/musical orchestra. A new ballet hall was created as well. The accommodation provided for guest artists performing at the theatre are also after the overall reconstruction; a brand-new floor with hotel-type rooms was created in the premises.
Fotografie after reconstruction:
    photo by Roman Mrázek
Foto before reconstruction:
    photo by Roman Mrázek

Another Stage of the Reconstruction at the Jiří Myron Theatre

The first stage of the reconstruction finished, nevertheless another stage of the reconstruction is prepared. The auditorium and the stage are to be revitalized, including the yard. Project documents about more than 30 years old stage technologies have been already prepared. A large rehearsal room should be created by the reconstruction of a pavilion situated on Černá louka, from which another theatre scene for approximately 250 spectators is going to be created. 
The reconstruction of the theatrical archive (former Bar U Námořníka) took place at the Jiří Myron Theatre in the first half of 2017.
New theatrical archive; photo by archive

Reconstruction of the Operational Building completed!

The premises of the Operational Building (situated behind the Antonín Dvořák Theatre) have facilities that enable the artistic and technical operation of the theatre: decorations, furniture, costumes and props, and newly also a dress shop.
Artistic-decorative workrooms of the theatre make all decorations, stage properties, weapons and accessories needed for the running of the theatre. The basement of the building is used as a store for materials (cut timber, textile, metal and colours), furniture and props. The ground floor spaces are used for storing decorations, which are on the repertoire of the theatre. In the first floor there is a store of hundreds of costumes, hats, shoes and other costume accessories. The second floor is used primarily for production of new decorations, props, weapons, jewellery and costume accessories
photo by Martin Kusyn
Joiner, locksmith, upholstery, painting and armourer-jewellery workrooms are equipped with the best available technology, reflecting current requirements. During the production, both verified and brand new procedures and materials are used, which make part of current production requirements and processes. The production is on a very high level concerning technology and art so it can be compared to other Czech and foreign scenes without any doubt. Employees are mostly experts in their professions and for many years they keep traditionally high artistic and technological level of their products.
photo by Martin Kusyn