Artistic-decorative workrooms
Artistic-decorative workrooms of the Theatre make all decorations, stage properties, weapons and accessories needed for the running of the Theatre. In exceptional cases, the workrooms can offer free capacities of its expert professions for specific requirements for promotional activity or for other theatres.
Services, which enable artistic-technical running of the Theatre, are situated in the building of the Theatre: decorative workrooms, decorations, furniture, costumes and props stores.
  • the basement of the building is used as a store for materials ( cut timber, textile, metal and colours), furniture and props - the ground floor spaces are used for storing decorations, which are on the repertoire of the theatre
  • in the first floor there is a store of hundreds of costumes, hats, shoes and other costume accessories
  • the second floor is used primarily for production of new decorations, props, weapons, jewellery and costume accessories
Joiner, locksmith, upholstery, painting and armourer-jewellery workrooms are equipped with the best available technology, reflecting current requirements. During the production, both verified and brand new procedures and materials are used, which make part of current production requirements and processes. The production is on a very high level concerning technology and art and can without any doubt be compared to European scenes. Employees are mostly experts in their professions and for many years keep traditionally high artistic and technological level of their products.
Barbora Macháčová
Head of Decorations Production
M: +420 596 276 601