The tradition of the NDM Ballet Ensemble dates back to 1919, making it one of the oldest in the Czech Republic. The first important ballet director was the Italian ballet master Achille Viscusi (1919–1923). The ballet underwent fundamental development with the work of ballet master Saša Machov (1929–1934) and for the next thirty years the ensemble experienced spectacular times in their dancing history with Emerich Gabzdyl (1938–1970). A significant change occurred when Igor Vejsada was appointed as head of the ensemble (1996–2013). His main aim was to make a route for modern dance theatre and combine it with the classical ballet legacy. Since the 2013/2014 season, when Lenka Dřímalová became head of ballet, the ensemble has established cooperation with prominent foreign choreographers, including Youri Vámos (Hungary), Krzysztof Pastor (Poland), Paul Chalmer (Canada), Itzik Galili (Israel), Johan Inger (Sweden) and others. The repertoire includes unique choreographies by world-renowned authors such as Jiří Kylián. The international young ballet ensemble is at a high level of interpretation and is currently becoming internationally sought-after for guest performances.