Drama as a dramatic genre has been played professionally as well as non-professionally many years before creating the permanent professional theatre in 1919. Since then the drama ensemble has been constantly for almost two decades one of the art companies of the National Moravian-Silesian theatre.

Today’s leaders and ensemble members follow the noticeable tradition connected with names of Jan Škoda, Radim Koval, Jan Kačer and others. That current drama of the NM theatre does not stay in the shadow of famous tradition, these facts report:

During the leadership of ex-director Juraj Deák and Janusz Klimsza and also Pavel Šimák, the company has been invited to the international festival DIVADLO in Plzeň (1998 – Uncle Vanya, 1999 – Romance for Bugle), foreign festivals (DIVADELNÁ NITRA 1998 – Uncle Vanya), the company is regular visitor of the exhibition ČESKÉ DIVADLO in Prague (1998 – Quick cutters, Uncle Vanya, 1999 – Lantern, 2001 – Ondine, 2002 – Three sisters) and the international parade TRIALOG in Brno (1998 – Everything for the Business, The Government Inspector, 1999 – The Visit, 2000 – Man of La Mancha, 2001 – Romeo and Juliet, 2002 – Portugál, King Games, 2003 – Love Boutique, Bodas de sangre, 2004 – Caligula, Rêver peut-être, 2005 – The Beggar’s Opera), as well as in the festival SETKÁNÍ – STRETNUTIE in Zlín (among others Portugál, Rêver peut-être).

For nine years the drama company of the NM theatre and other Ostravian professional theatres organize Festival of Ostrava Drama Theatre and Theatre Companies OST-RA-VAR. Its production appears in nominations for PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR and ALFRED RADOK AWARDS (Uncle Vanya, Romance for Bugle), company members are nominated for Thalia Awards (Veronika Forejtová, Anna Cónová, Apolena Veldová), Alfred Radok Awards (Anna Cónová, David Viktora, Jan Fišar, Jan Hájek ad.), Sazka and Theatre Newspaper Awards (Jan Hájek), Czech Theatre Awards (Veronika Forejtová, Vladimír Polák) and other. Owner of the Thalia Awards is the emeritus member of the drama company Zora Rozspyalová. Vladimír Polák, drama actor of the NM theatre, earned the Czech Theatre Award 2006 for his Hitler performance in Tabori’s play Mein Kampf.

The dramaturgical spectrum of the drama company contains many genres, from chamber performances, performances for children, classic titles to great musicals.