How to get to Ostrava?

Traveling by plane
The best connection from abroad is available via Prague International Airport. There are several flights from Vienna and Prague to Ostrava Leoš Janacek International Airport daily. Vienna International Airport is also widely used by trevellers going in the Czech Republic. International airports in Krakow and Katowice (both in neighbouring Poland) are also good choice for travelling to Ostrava.

Traveling by train
Ostrava has two main train stations, Ostrava hl. n. in the north and Ostrava-Svinov in the west of the city. Fast and international trains stop at both of them.
  • From Prague – there are direct high-speed trains (SC Pendolino) connecting Prague (Main Station/Hlavni nadrazi) with Ostrava (Svinov Station and Main Station/Hlavni nadrazi) 9 times a day, the travel takes about 3 hours. Airport Express bus service operates between Prague Airport and Prague Main Station. Direct EuroCity and InterCity trains between Prague and Ostrava operate in approx. two-hour period; the travel takes about 4 hours.
  • From Vienna – EuroCity trains connect Wien Südbahnhof with Ostrava, the travel takes about 3 hours.
  • From Katowice – there are 3 EuroCity trains connecting Katowice with Ostrava, the travel takes about 2 hours.
  • From Krakow – there is no direct connection between Krakow and Ostrava, except two night trains which arrive to Ostrava in the early morning hours, the travel takes about 4 hours). Another possibility is to combine trains with change in Katowice or Bohumin.
  • From Warsaw – three EuroCity a day, one night train (all trains to Warsaw stop at Katowice), the travel takes about 4½ hours.
Traveling by car
Don't forget to buy highway stamp when crossing border to the Czech Republic. Road map can be found here.

Traveling by bus
The main bus station in Ostrava is Ostrava ÚAN. 

For traveling from different destinations and for more information check National timetable information system web pages.
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