Club of operetta friends „Orfeus“

Club Orfeus was created from the initiation of opera soloists of  the former State Theatre in Ostrava in 1991, when the synthesis of the opera and operetta company impended, which should lead to the complete cancellation of the operetta company.  The main purpose of the club was to prove that Ostravian operetta, the most visited ensemble, has stabile background and deserves to have its own separated ensemble.

First performance was held on 9th June 1991 in theatre club of the JM theatre. People personally connected with the operetta company and its long-time visitors became the club members. Club events were concerts and other supporting events, which were frequently visited by operetta soloists.

The moderating of the club programmes was traditionally on the directors of the operetta ensemble – Jiří Měřínský at first and then Miroslav Urbánek, who beyond moderating also performed as a singer and an accompanist. After 2007, the Orfeus club programmes were stated by the chiefs Karel Mládek, Karol Kevický and since 2010 by Gabriela Petráková, who is trying to revive these kind meetings and to enrich the club with new and younger members.

Long-time loyal visitor of the ensemble, Mrs Olga Oborná, became the first chairwoman of the club of operetta friends “Orfeus”. She was replaced after her sudden death in 2010 by Mrs Marie Kochová, who leads the club until these days.

Previous club meetings were always held on Wednesdays in the rehearsal week before operetta premiere. Nowadays, they are usually held in theatre club of the JM t. on Tuesday’s night before the Wednesday public rehearsal.

Evenings have been fulfilled with comfortable and friendly atmosphere, singing, story-telling and discussing. There are also visiting actors in the meeting, directors, choreographs, dramaturges and other, who willingly and gladly come to see operetta friends and answer their questions.