In Ostravian region, the operetta’s tradition started before the year of the creating of permanent professional theatre (1919). In years 1919-1923, separated operetta ensemble work for the National Moravian-Silesian theatre. Since the first existence of this theatre, operettas had made an important part of its repertoire. Common experience, when drama and opera company members participated in working on the operetta performances, was changed by the creating the separated operetta ensemble.

Ostravian region always supported operetta, during some periods was this local operetta assumed as one of the best in the genre (these periods are connected with the name of the Ostravian operetta doyen Vladimír Brázda), new titles connected with local area were also created in region.

These days, the operetta ensemble went through hard times of reorganisation. The ensemble preserved its existence, however in smaller form, and earned a new name operetta/musical. Beside already existing operetta repertoire, there will be added current world musicals, Czech-made musicals and many other interesting forms of the musical-dramatic theatre to the classical operetta and musical. The operetta/musical ensemble will share the classical operetta with opera ensemble. We will welcome many attractive visitors, singers, actors, directors and other, beside favourite artists of the domestic scene.