Neil Simon
Premiere Nov 7, 2019, 7.00 PM
Divadlo „12“
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Neil Simon

Premiere Nov 7, 2019, 7.00 PM - Divadlo „12“

Witty comedy based on A.P. Chekhov’s short stories 
Translation Ivo T. Havlů
„Three roubles, sir. No more than that. Three roubles and you will see him in the water, struggling with death, drowning and the grand final – completely drowned! May he rest in peace.”
It has been 29 years since the three legends of Ostrava’s drama scene met on stage. This year they meet again. The audience has a chance to see them in the production of Niel Simon's comedy.  Directed by Bedrich Jansa, starring Alexandra Gasnarkova and Stanislav Sarsky! 
Niel Simon is a master of dialogue; Chekhov is a master of describing human character. Combining the two we get nine exquisite, funny and very realistic theatre pieces. A man, who is willing to drown right in front of you for a few bucks and gives out group discounts; a father, who wants to buy his inexperienced son his “first time” in brothel, where even his “first” still works; a loner, who sneezes on the back of the neck of his boss and loses all over it… The tragedy of life seen through comedy, an intellectual view of the stupidity we all possess.  


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Nov 8, 2022
7.00 PM
Divadlo „12“
Nov 10, 2022
7.00 PM
Divadlo „12“
Dec 13, 2022
7.00 PM
Divadlo „12“
Date Time Stage Type Detail Tickets
Nov 7, 20197.00 PMDivadlo „12“Premiereshow detail
Nov 11, 20197.00 PMDivadlo „12“1st repetitionshow detail
Nov 13, 20197.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Nov 20, 20197.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Dec 13, 20197.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Dec 19, 20197.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Jan 19, 20207.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Jan 26, 20207.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Feb 3, 20207.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Feb 18, 20207.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Feb 28, 20207.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Sep 22, 20217.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Sep 26, 20217.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Sep 30, 20217.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Oct 7, 20217.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Oct 24, 20214.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Nov 17, 20214.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Dec 13, 20217.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Dec 18, 20217.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Jan 6, 20227.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Jan 13, 20227.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Feb 13, 20224.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Feb 19, 20227.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Mar 4, 20227.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Mar 12, 20227.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Apr 6, 20227.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Apr 9, 20227.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
May 15, 20224.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
May 21, 20227.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Sep 30, 20227.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Oct 13, 20227.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Oct 28, 20224.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Nov 8, 20227.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detailtickets
Nov 10, 20227.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detailtickets
Dec 13, 20227.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detailtickets
Jan 12, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Jan 31, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Feb 3, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Feb 18, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Mar 18, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Apr 4, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
May 5, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
May 12, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
logoRehearsal gallery
Petr Panzenberger, Renáta Klemensová
Photo by: Martin Kusyn
Stanislav Šárský, Petr Panzenberger
Photo by: Martin Kusyn
David Viktora, Petr Panzenberger
Photo by: Martin Kusyn
Renáta Klemensová
Photo by: Martin Kusyn
Petr Panzenberger
Photo by: Martin Kusyn
David Viktora, Renáta Klemensová
Photo by: Martin Kusyn
Petr Panzenberger, Renáta Klemensová
Photo by: Martin Kusyn
Alexandra Gasnárková, Kateřina Breiská
Photo by: Radovan Šťastný
Stanislav Šárský, Alexandra Gasnárková
Photo by: Radovan Šťastný