Kamila Hladká
Repetition Jun 24, 2024, 7.00 PM
Divadlo „12“
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HORNICKÉ VDOVY - Repetition Jun 24, 2024

Kamila Hladká

Repetition Jun 24, 2024, 7.00 PM - Divadlo „12“

There is a bunch of men. Yours is only one


Dramatization of an exceptional book nominated for the Magnesia Litera Award in the Litera for journalism category. The author also received a commemorative certificate from the Karviná City Council for her exceptional artistic achievement. Do you know how it feels when your husband doesn't come home? Authentic testimonies of women who lost their husbands under tragic circumstances. Whether it was the Dukla Mine disaster in 1961 or the accident in Karviná in 2015, widows and children were left fatherless in the end. The raw and simple narratives also allow us to perceive the historical changes of our country and the phenomenon of mining from the women’s perspective. All the interviewed widows touch life, love, family and death with their stories, and give a guide on how to live on despite adversity and a tragic event. "You must live on” suddenly doesn't sound empty...

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Selected date
Jun 24, 2024
7.00 PM
Divadlo „12“
Other show dates
Jun 18, 2024
7.00 PM
Divadlo „12“
Jun 21, 2024
7.00 PM
Divadlo „12“
Jun 24, 2024
7.00 PM
Divadlo „12“
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Jun 18, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“Premiereshow detail
Jun 21, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“1st repetitionshow detail
Jun 24, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Sep 4, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Oct 4, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Nov 9, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Dec 3, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail