History of the Opera Studio

If children performing in Opera studio of NM theatre wanted to thank for the unique opportunity of enforcing in the theatre and for the applause they get thanks to what they enjoy, they would talk to David Sulkin twenty years ago. It was just this English director, who suggested Ostravian theatre to create the Opera studio.

Because he did not want adult singers to sang children roles in his production of Janáček’s opera The Adventures of Vixen Sharp Ears (“Příhody lišky Bystroušky”). In June 1994, The Cunning Little Vixen opened the first year of the Janáček Hukvaldy festival and whole performance received great ovation.  The children’s performance in roles of animals and two little boys literally inspired the viewers and according to planned operas Carmen, La Bohème, Jakobín, the opera director Mgr. Luděk Golat decided it would be sad to disband the children, who attested on stage.

This resulted in creation of Opera studio of the NM theatre and its artistic director became Lenka Živocká, accompanist of the NM theatre opera, who also worked with the children during the production of The Adventures of Vixen Sharp Ears. She has been presenting during the creation of studio in 1994 and leads it up to now.

That is how the unique studio was created. Ballet studio has many Czech theatres, but opera studio is only in the National Moravian-Silesian theatre in Ostrava. Theatre experience of the children in Opera studio is appreciated not only in opera – during the years, its members played successfully children roles in operettas, ballets, dramas and musicals. But of course the main interest is still in the opera, where the opera studio plays annually many successful performances.

Yet in 1994, under the leadership of Lenka Živocká children of the Opera studio rehearsed school scene of the Dvořák’s Jakobín. Next year the performing in Bizeta’s Carmen followed and mainly the two important projects, implemented by the Opera studio of the NM theatre, with cooperation with students from the Primary school of Leoš Janáček in Hukvaldy the modern miracle of Benjamine Britten – Noye’s Fludde sounded on the second year of Janáček Hukvaldy festival.  The initiator of the studio creation, director David Sulkin, came back to cooperation with children, started with The Adventures of Vixen Sharp Ears at that time. The last project of the National Moravian-Silesian theatre, again with many children’s roles, is again Benjamin Britten’s work, children opera The Little Sweep (Let's Make an Opera!).

Karolína Kijonková
Separate projects
  • Broučci 
  • St. Francis and The Crib
  • The Witches from Babí hůra 
  • NGOA-É
  • Ogaři 
  • Kolotoč 

The Queen of Spades, The Flying Dutchman, The Bartered Bride, Tosca, Nabucco, Oberon, 
The Kiss, The Greek Passion, Turandot, Manon Lescaut, Kata Kabanova, The Magic Flute, Rusalka, new production of Jakobín, Carmen, The Little Sweep (Let's make an Opera!), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesu