First musical director of the opera was Emanuel Bastl in 1919. During his time the repertoire consisted mostly of Czech operas.
Jaroslav Vogel, who followed in his footsteps, enriched the Czech repertoire with Leoš Janáček’s operas, as he was a great admirer of Janáček’s work.
The post-war era began with musical direction by Zdeněk Chalabala, who discovered a number of talents such as Jiří Herold, Ivo Žídek, Zdeňka Diváková, Věra Heroldová and Marie Steinerová.
The first noteworthy foreign tours of the ensemble to Spain and Italy took place during the 60s and 70s, times when conductor Jiří Pinkas led the opera. The ensemble has again featured prominent singers: Eva Kinclova, Miloslava Ostatnicka, Jozef Abel, Jiri Cep, Jaroslav Hlubek, Ivan Kusnjer and many others.
In the post-revolution period the opera ensemble was briefly led by director Miloslav Nekvasil, who contributed to the production of previously neglected titles: Kubelík's Veronika (1991) and Dvořák's Armida (1991).
Over the next fourteen years the ensemble musical direction fell under Luděk Golat who, among many other achievements, started cooperating with Janáčkovy Hukvaldy Festival where we performed our operas. 
Since 1994, children from the NDM Opera Studio led by Lenka Živocka have also been part of the productions and there have been several author operas written for them.
Robert Jindra was the musical director of the opera in 2010–2015 and, among other things, he brought to life a dramaturgical cycle Opera Hits of the 20th Century, which staged great works of this period such as Stravinsky's The Rake's Progress (2012), Janáček's The Excursion of Mr. Brouček (2014) or Prokofiev's The Fiery Angel (2015). He also extended the set of permanent guest soloists and conductors with well-known domestic and foreign artistic personalities. 
Jakub Klecker, the current musical director of the opera, continues the program in this respect. In the last decade, the NDM Opera ensemble has been perceived as one of the best in the Czech Republic due to its dramaturgy and high level of interpretation. The opera ensemble received the highest number of Thalia Awards in the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre, 15 – to be precise!