Adolf Nowaczyński

Premiere Jan 26, 2017, 6.30 PM - Jiří Myron Theatre

Historical drama

Poland was once a great power feared even by Russia. It is in these times that our story takes place, a story about a self-proclaimed Russian tsar who was helped into power by the Polish. A breath-taking historical drama is not just a picture of revolutionary times, but also an insight into the nature of the two nations, which explains many of the relationships of contemporary Poland and Russia. We are featuring the play as a second part of the “Neighbours” series (the first is My Father’s Journal or the Story of a Real Man). 
Andrzej Celiński (* 1961) studied dramatic art and direction at the National Theatre School in Krakow. He is involved in both the theatre as well as the film industry where he prefers to shoot documentary films. Many of his pieces have been awarded: for instance the Children of Leningrad, capturing the lives of boy prostitutes in Moscow was nominated for an Oscar for the best documentary film. He is involved with the theatre in Poland and the Czech Republic; in Ostrava he has already cooperated with the Petr Bezruc Theatre (Doman Nowakowski: The Mouth of Mick Jagger, 2004). In the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre he has so far premiered the Lord of the Pillows of Martin McDonagh (2005) and Christopher Hampton’s Dangerous Liaisons (2008).



The play is no longer in our repertoire.


FIGHTERS TEAM, David Viktora
Photo by: Radovan Šťastný
Lada Bělašková, David Janošek, Pavel Liška
Photo by: Radovan Šťastný
David Janošek, Jakub Chromčák, Pavel Cisovský
Photo by: Radovan Šťastný
David Janošek, Lucie Končoková
Photo by: Radovan Šťastný
David Janošek
Photo by: Radovan Šťastný

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