Bedřich Smetana
Premiere Mar 10, 2024, 6.30 PM
Jiří Myron Theatre
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Bedřich Smetana

Premiere Mar 10, 2024, 6.30 PM - Jiří Myron Theatre

Festival opera in three acts from 1872


Libretto by Josef Wenzig (1807–1876) in the Czech translation of Ervín Špindler (1843–1918)
Conductor Robert Jindra
Stage director Jiří David

Bedřich Smetana declared his relationship toward his fourth completed opera by saying: “I have worked on this project to the best of my abilities. I have given it my all and I hope to leave a noble legacy to my dear nation.” Not only is Libuše an extraordinary opera in Smetana’s musical-dramatic work, it is also viewed as such in the Czech culture as a whole. The subject of the libretto, written by Josef Wenzig, is a legend about Queen Libuše that was already mentioned in Chronica Boemorum. The authors’ goal was to produce a majestic, imposing and fascinating work that would dignifiedly represent the ideal of the Czech statehood. The result is a unique opera opus in the form of a historic festival tableau – a living image on the theatre stage. At first, Smetana intended the opera for the coronation of Franz Joseph I to the Czech throne. However, as the coronation never took place, he decided to dedicate the premiere of Libuše to a different national event – the opening of the National Theatre. Afterward, Bedřich Smetana commented on the purpose and meaning of his work by saying: “I ask for Libuše to not be regarded as a repertory opera; rather, I want it to be remembered as a festival work for a special occasion.”
The opera is co-produced by Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava and the Prague Philharmonic Choir.

Concert production on 10 March and 12 May 2024 at the Jiří Myron Theatre


The introductory talks in English for the performances within the Smetana Opera Cycle Ostrava 2024 begin at 17:45.

The production pertains to the Smetana Opera Cycle Ostrava 2024 — the cycle of all   completed operas by Bedřich Smetana.


The project is implemented with the financial support from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.


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Mar 10, 2024
6.30 PM
Jiří Myron Theatre
May 12, 2024
3.00 PM
Jiří Myron Theatre
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logoCast - Season:
Libuše, Queen
Přemysl, a farmer from Stadice
Šťáhlav, younger brother of Chrudoš
Lutobor, father of Krasava
Krasava, Lutobor's daughter
Radmila, sister of Chrudoš and Šťáhlav
First harvestmen
Second harvestmen
Third harvestmen
Fourth harvestmen
Date Time Stage Type Detail Tickets
Mar 10, 20246.30 PMJiří Myron TheatrePremiereshow detail
May 12, 20243.00 PMJiří Myron TheatreDerniereshow detail