Johann Sebastian Bach
Premiere May 18, 2024, 7.00 PM
Divadlo „12“
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Johann Sebastian Bach

Premiere May 18, 2024, 7.00 PM - Divadlo „12“

We look at the world, and the world looks at us



Choreographer Jo Strømgren
Music Johann Sebastian Bach – Cello Suites
Performed by Truls Mørk

Come and explore the nooks and crannies of a small room. You can observe memories and a wide range of unspoken emotions in a chilling Nordic setting through the window. It is an associative sequence of dance images that are freely and lightly connected by songs and simple situations. The chamber art form inspired by the theatre's intimate stage prods one into fantasizing. The best strategy is to let it impress and gradually discover how the shared emotions unlock us. 
Norwegian choreographer Jo Strømgren, respected in large ballet houses and small alternative stages, is well known in Ostrava for his Memories of Mahler. He is a face of contemporary Norwegian art. Besides ballet, Jo is a genius in writing plays and film scripts and directing drama; he is a specialist in Ibsen, by the way. However, the strength of Strømgren's choreographic handwriting is strongly linked to the identity of the North and lies in his ability to tell a story. To tell a story in a magical and entertaining way as well as with imagination and punctuated wit. This is where Strømgren excels as a choreographer of contemporary dance. Humour and a grotesque vision of the world are not very common in this genre. However, it is impossible to imagine his dance theatre without irony, exaggeration, or parody.

World premiere 18 May 2024 at the Theatre “12“
A coproduction with Jo Strømgren Kompani


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Next show dates
May 28, 2024
7.00 PM
Divadlo „12“
Jun 12, 2024
7.00 PM
Divadlo „12“
Jun 15, 2024
7.00 PM
Divadlo „12“
Date Time Stage Type Detail Tickets
May 18, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“Premiereshow detail
May 26, 20244.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
May 28, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“1st repetitionshow detail
Jun 12, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Jun 15, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Sep 3, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Sep 28, 20244.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Oct 3, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Nov 6, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Nov 21, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Dec 4, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Jan 8, 20257.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Jan 17, 20257.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Feb 11, 20257.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Apr 2, 20257.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Apr 3, 20257.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Laura Moreno Gasulla, Rei Masatomi
Photo by: Serghei Gherciu
Natalia Adamska, Laura Moreno Gasulla
Photo by: Serghei Gherciu
Ida Frau, Rei Masatomi
Photo by: Serghei Gherciu
V popředí

Hugo Fraresso, Ida Frau
Photo by: Serghei Gherciu
V popředí

Laura Moreno Gasulla
Photo by: Serghei Gherciu
Aurora Donadiós, Angela Dematté (Asistentka choreografa)
Photo by: Serghei Gherciu