Henry Purcell
Repetition May 29, 2023, 7.00 PM
Divadlo „12“
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DIDO AND AENEAS - Repetition May 29, 2023

Henry Purcell

Repetition May 29, 2023, 7.00 PM - Divadlo „12“

Opera in a prologue and three acts from 1683


Libretto of Dido and Aeneas by Nahum Tate (1652–1715) based on his tragedy Brutus of Alba, or, the Enchanted Lovers from 1678 and inspired by the fourth book of the epic Aeneis by Publius Vergil Maro (70 BC - 19 BC)

Musical preparation Jiří Habart
Stage director Jiří Nekvasil

The fourth collaboration within the framework of the OAO project brings together two exceptional works from the early days of opera in one evening. The performance begins with Monteverdi's The Ballet of the Female Ingrates composed for the wedding of the Duke of Mantua's son. The gloomy ancient theme set before the gates of the underworld evolved into a work that is a cross-section of ballet and opera. It was subsequently published in the composer’s The Eighth Book of Madrigals. The second title of the evening—Dido and Aeneas—is the most famous opera not only in Henry Purcell’s repertoire but in the English Baroque repertoire in general. The composer created the work for a girls' school, which clarifies why it is a chamber work. The subject is the tragic love story of Dido, Queen of Carthage, and Aeneas, Prince of Troy, and mythical founder of the Roman nation. Both titles will be presented on our stage for the first time.

Performed in the Italian and English original.


The production is created within the Ostrava Opera Academy project (Operní akademie Ostrava, OAO).


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Musical preparation
Stage director
Set designer
Costume designer
logoCast at date: May 29, 2023
Date Time Stage Type Detail Tickets
Feb 9, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Premiereshow detail
Feb 10, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“2nd premiereshow detail
Feb 15, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Feb 22, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Mar 6, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Mar 17, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Apr 2, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
May 29, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
May 31, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Oct 3, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Nov 19, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Nov 26, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Dec 17, 20237.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Jan 10, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Feb 11, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Mar 1, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Apr 9, 20247.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Sep 1, 20397.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
Sep 2, 20395.00 PMDivadlo „12“Repetitionshow detail
logoRehearsal gallery
Dominika Škrabalová (Dido)
Photo by: Martin Popelář
Eva Dřízgová-Jirušová (First Witch / Second Woman), Dominika Škrabalová (Dido), Markéta Drabina Schaffartzik (Belinda)
Photo by: Martin Popelář
Robin Červinek (Aeneas), Dominika Škrabalová (Dido)
Photo by: Martin Popelář
Veronika Andrašková (Second Witch / Spirit)
Photo by: Martin Popelář
Josef Kovačič (Sorcerer)
Photo by: Martin Popelář
Markéta Drabina Schaffartzik (Belinda), Robin Červinek (Aeneas), Dominika Škrabalová (Dido)
Photo by: Martin Popelář
Robin Červinek (Aeneas), Dominika Škrabalová (Dido)
Photo by: Martin Popelář
Dominika Škrabalová (Dido)
Photo by: Martin Popelář